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A stay in Knokke-Heist
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Knokke-Heist is an elegant city and most of the people want to spend their holidays in hotel Knokke-Heist because it is situated near the Dutch border in an attractive landscape of dunes, which is probably the most elegant seaside resort in Belgium. The broad beach is 12km/8miles long and comprises approximately one fifth of the Belgian coastline.Knokke-Heist is famous for its beaches, and for the dike system to which it owes its origins. Knokke is the most North-Eastern sea-side resort of the Belgian coast. It lies close to the Dutch border and is separated from the Dutch territory by the 'Zwub', which is a beautiful and extremely interesting natural reserve.

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Knokke also has one of Balgium's ten casinos with art by Keith Haring, Rene Magritte and Paul Delvaux. Today, Konkke consists of a group of communities that are all grouped in the administrative community 'Knokke-Heist'. Most of the people want to spend their vacations in hotels Knokke-Heist beause it watersports entusiasts will definitely feel at home here, as will seafood lovers who can indulge in the local catches of the day.Entirely we can say that the Knokke-Heist is a beautiful city for beach lovers and they can enjoy their holidays in hotels in Knokke-Heist with full of enjoyment and peace.


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